Industrial 2021 Guidance Notes for COOKING and BAKING
Bread Appearance and presentation: . Well formed and shaped . Not over risen . Cooked with an even colour . Good crust . Inside, volume and crumb: . No holes . Good volume . Evenly stretched crumb . These are all indications of the kneading process and gluten development Flavour: . Not too yeasty - this would indicate over proving . Enough salt for taste and gluten formation Speciality Bread Ploughman plaited loaf - Cheese and Chutney . Clearly labelled as to what kind of bread is to be judged: eg sourdough, which has a tighter texture and volume and a distinctive sour alcohol flavour due to long rising and natural yeast development . Speciality flour,eg rye and spelt have lower protein content therefore will not have a light airy texture and volume focaccia, ciabatta, challah . Flavoured bread, flavour must be stated . International or regional breads have traditional shapes and flavours . Expected appearance, construction and flavour is dependent on the technique and flour used Scones . Use a plain cutter for cheese scones, a fluted one for sweet scones . Usually schedule asks for 4 - but do check . They should be even in shape, colour and size . Should stand erect, flat on top with a "crack" around the middle . Texture light and springy - more like bread than cake . Good flavour . No folds or cracks on the bottom Swiss Roll . Texture should be even, spongy, no toughness or pockets of flour . Sides and ends trimmed neatly . Light golden colour, with a light sprinkling of caster sugar . Carefully rolled with no cracks, join underneath . Not overfilled with jam . Jam not soaking through . Delicate flavour Decorated Chocolate Cake . If only decoration is to be judged, the cake will not be tasted . Check the schedule to check if only the top is to be decorated or also the sides . Icing and decoration should be appropriate . Design should be pleasing and in proportion to the size of the cake . Decoration should be neat and consistent over the whole cake . It should show some skill in the method chosen Dropped Scones . Schedule usually asks for 4 - always check . All the same size and colour . Light and spongy . Both sides the same colour . When torn in two, the bubbles should be the same all the way through . Taste sweet but not oversweet Gingerbread Loaf . Gingerbread improves if made a few days before cutting and tasting, up to a week . It should be cooked in a loaf tin, not a round cake tin . Tin should be neatly lined, not with a preformed fluted paper liner . The top should be flat and glossy - a peaked or cracked top could indicate too much raising agent or the oven was too hot . Colour can vary from pale to to dark depending on sugar and treacle used . Texture should be open and uniform, spongy but moist . Flavour distinctly ginger even if other spices have been added . If stem ginger is added, this should be well chopped Pastry . Normally shortcrust unless otherwise stated in the schedule . Unless stated otherwise in the schedule, the use of wholemeal flour, or part wholemeal flour, is acceptable particularly for savoury items . Butter gives a better flavour than margarine . All pastry should be rolled to the correct thickness for the item . Evenly baked . Pastry base should be evenly cooked through . Texture should be typical for type of pastry . Any egg wash used should be even all over . Edges of pastry should be tidily finished as appropriate . Taste good with right levels of saltiness or sweetness for item being judged . Fillings should be in the right proportion and fill the pastry case to a good level . No off flavours from out-of-date butter, margarine or flour . Choux pastry should be golden brown, well risen and puffy, hollow and dry inside Victoria Sandwich Cake . Bake as specified in the schedule - one tin and cut, or two tins . No cake liners . Pale colour, well risen, and evenly baked . No cooling rack marks on top . Top flat without large air bubbles or crumbly edge . Cut so that both halves are the same thickness . No sugar dusting on the top . Fluffy, airy texture . Traditional filling raspberry jam, sufficient, evenly spread and not sinking into the cake . Delicate characteristic flavour with no strong flavour predominating Shortbread . Check schedule for presentation - in the round, fingers, or pieces . Neat, even shape and smooth . Pale golden colour . Not over or under cooked . Approx 1/2 inch thick . Crisp texture . Buttery flavour . May have caster sugar dusting