Industrial Section 2021 Handicrafts, Honey and Baking
There are no classes in Handicrafts, Honey and Preserves and Baking this year as the virtual format prevents the close examination of handicrafts, and food items should be tasted in order to fairly judge entries. Every Show Day over the years, entrants and visitors have asked the same question – namely “Why did the judges award that one the first prize?” In order to support everyone who hopes to enter into the 2022 Show, the panel of judges have agreed to answer the question by describing exactly what they look for when judging the following classes: To see guidance notes for Handicrafts - quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, soft toys and machine made articles; scroll down this page. To see guidance notes for Honey (clear and set), chutney, jam, lemon curd, jelly and fruit spirit; click here To see guidance notes for Baking – pastry, cheese scones, dropped scones, bread, swiss roll, Victoria sandwich, decorated cakes, gingerbread loaf and shortbread; click here Guidance Notes for HANDICRAFTS
Quilting Guidance is the same for a large quilt or a small item Use of appropriate fabric Good colour co-ordination All points matching when piecing Quilting should have even stitches throughout The fabric should be kept flat Binding should be mitred at corners and even The back should look neat whether stitched by hand or machine Clean condition Embroidery Stitches not pulled too tight Colours blended well Well pressed on reverse (If this is done on a thick surface such as a folded sheet, it will help the embroiderynot to be flattened) Clean condition Cross Stitch Crosses must all be lying in the same direction No loose ends or knots No missed stitches A good tension Clean condition If framed, the fabric should have been well stretched and straight in the the frame Crochet An even tension so that it will keep the shape Thread ends should be well finished off with no ends showing Press into shape if required Article must be clean and unwashed Knitting Nice even texture and tension Patterns and stripes must be matching at the sides and at the front if in a cardigan Buttonholes should be evenly spaced Buttons should be in the right place Button bands should not be too long or pulled when attached Clean, unwashed and unworn Machine-made article Use of an appropriate fabric for the item Machine tension should be correct Stitching should be straight If unlined, edges should be neatened or a French seam used Lining should be of the correct size and neatly attached. Soft Toy Knitted with an appropriate yarn Stuffed enough to keep its shape Anything attached should be firmly attached so that a child cannot pull it off Eyes should be embroidered rather than attached Neatly sewn up with no loose ends