PRESERVES and HONEY Chutney Label should state whether hot or mild Jar filled to 4mm from top Colour even throughout Consistency reasonably firm and uniform No large pieces of onion, skin, cores or stones No air bubbles or free vinegar Flavour blended well Benefits from being made at least 3 months (or more) before exhibiting Jam or Marmalade Flavour and aroma are the most important Plain glass jar, clean and shiny Appropriate seal, either a plain twist top or waxed disc and cellophane cover Correctly labelled with type of fruit and date made. label applied neatly to the jar Good colour appropriate to fruit used No visible gaps or scum apparent through glass Jars well filled to within 5mm of top of jar Fruit evenly distributed throughout the jar Fruit properly cooked with no tough skins Good consistency, not too runny, not too stiff Flavour appropriate to fruit used Fruit taste should predominate over sweet sugary taste Jelly Clean sparkling jar Filled to the top No mould on the top Clear label with fruit used and date made Jelly brilliantly clear No pulp or scum Even colour with no air bubbles Perfect set - keeps shape if turned out or piece on a spoon True fruit flavour Lemon Curd Clean sparkling jar Filled to the top Label with date made Bright colour Spreadable consistency - not too runny No egg spots or pieces of egg white - indication of good egg mixing and sieving No lemon pulp - juice sieved Zest finely grated Strong lemon flavour but not bitter Not a greasy taste Fruit Spirit/Wine Is it according to schedule? Must be presented in a clear glass bottle It should be sealed but easy for the judge to open Bottle filled to within 12mm/1/2 inch of the seal Clearly labelled with type, year of making and indication of sweetness (if it's wine) Colour bright, characteristic and clear No sediment Aroma well rounded and pleasant Enjoyable taste Balance and flavour are the most important Honey Honey should be presented in clear, clean glass jars with screw tops Run Honey: Should be as clear as possible Bright colour No foreign bodies or air bubbles Appropriate viscosity to show water content is a correct percentage Taste appropriate to forage plant Set Honey: Even granulation/consistency Easy spreadability Good taste
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